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KCWC History

Since it’s inception in 1972, the Women’s Chamber (formerly known as the Women’s Division of the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce) has worked diligently for over 48 years to be of service to our community.

Through our members who have volunteered their time and talents much has been accomplished. These accomplishments include:

  • Fundraising for the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations in the community
  • Promoting and participating in clean-ups of our community, country sides and highways.
  • Improving and beautifying parks and boulevards and giving Beautification awards to owners of yards, historical buildings and parks for their for their improvements and adopted tree wells Downtown.
  • Under the direction of the Beautification Committee, the KCWC in the past adopted Richards Park at Travis & Jefferson Sts “Field of Dreams”. We assist in obtaining trees and other plants to help beautify the area including Trees at the Kerr County Courthouse, Elm Creek Park, the Omega Life Center, and the Dietert Center. Benches at Peterson Regional Medical Center’s Patients Garden.
  • Providing scholarships for women for Higher Education.
  • Recognizing outstanding women in the county with the Outstanding Woman of the Year Award.
  • Holiday Lighting Projects (Courthouse & Tranquility Island).
  • Time Capsule 2000.
  • Helping the local food banks with the “Deli” Program.
  • “Volunteers to go” program where our members help out other non- Profits and at community at events with our volunteers throughout the year as when requested.


Membership Meetings

The Kerr County Women’s Chamber meets the first Wednesday of every month. The meeting begins at 12:00 noon at Rails Event Center.

A buffet luncheon is served and includes wonderful salads, vegetables, and hot entrees. And, if that isn’t enough, decadent desserts are available. The buffet begins at 11:30 a.m. allowing members and guests to enjoy lunch and visit before the meeting begins. The cost for the luncheon is $15.00 (credit cards are accepted). One special note: the use of the facility for our meetings is contingent upon each person attending to purchase a buffet. Reservations are made when a Communication Committee member calls and/or emails you to find out if you will be attending.  (Once a reservation is made, it is the member’s responsibility to pay for lunch, even if you didn’t make it.)

As you enter the dining hall, there will be a membership welcome table with name tags, membership forms and newsletters. There will be a table for the Deli Program Non perishables, bag recycling, coupons for the military and monetary donations. In the middle of each dining table, important information is placed prior to the meeting that you will find useful. These items include meeting agenda, financial reports, and local announcements.

Some fun activities that take place at our meetings include door prizes and everyone attending automatically receives one ticket for the door prize drawing and those wearing a KCWC name tag receive TWO chances! A separate ticket will be given at the “Deli” Table for your donation. Name tags and shirts may be purchased. The Business Meeting is called to order at 12:00 noon. Following the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, reading of the minutes and the Treasurer’s Report, The Hospitality Committee introduces new members and guests that have joined us at the meeting. Committee reports and other KCWC business are presented and any issues needing membership approval are voted upon. A guest speaker gives a 15-minute presentation. One note about voting – any member in good standing is invited to make motions and when appropriate, second. Votes taken are by voice signs.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about our meetings, please do not hesitate to talk with a KCWC officer.


The Kerr County Women’s Chamber belongs to each member. This pride of ownership carries with it the responsibility to serve whenever possible. Each member’s participation is vital to our mission to be of service to our community.

Hopefully, after each new member has had time to become acquainted with the organization, our culture and traditions, they will begin to think about assuming leadership positions by chairing committees, serving on the Board of Directors or becoming an officer.

In our membership directory (available at website with password) the by-laws of the KCWC are available. Please take a moment to read through the by-laws to acquaint yourself with the precepts by which the organization is guided.

Other useful information such as description of officer duties, committee descriptions and the procedures for new officer selection is also explained.

The Board which consists of officers and committee chairs meets on the last Wednesday of every month. At this meeting, issues to be brought before the membership are discussed and committee chairs have the opportunity to discuss their committee’s activities. Certain issues, as set out by the by-laws, are decided at the Board level and reported to the membership. Other issues are agreed upon by the Board as issues to be presented to the general membership for their final approval.

Anyone wishing to have a matter brought before the Board may do so by contacting an officer or by asking a committee chair to make the matter known to the Board. A list of officers and committee heads is in every newsletter. This is for your convenience to allow easy communication and access to those who have agreed to serve in leadership positions for the year.

The KCWC Parliamentarian is charged with the responsibility of insuring that all business of the organization is conducted under Roberts Rules of Order and meets with the procedures set out in the KCWC by-laws.

Yearly Calendar

The KCWC year consists of a wide variety of events, programs and activities. While most are annual, from time to time special activities are planned as the need arises. The following list will give you an idea of the opportunities to get involved:

May – installation of new officers, the President’s annual Report , annual awards, annual budget and planning meeting. Scholarship committee begins interviews.

June – Women Helping Women Scholarships are awarded.

July – Veterans Appreciation Event in lieu of the General Meeting. Members are asked to contribute dishes for a potluck dinner and invite veterans.

August – “Outstanding Woman of the Year” nomination forms are due.

September – Annual Kerrville Chamber of Commerce Banquet and announcement of “Outstanding Woman of Year” award.

November – Holiday Lighting – “Forest of Trees” at Tranquility Island. Members have participated in the Holiday Parade Downtown Kerrville in the past with the Outstanding Woman of the Year on board a lighted float. Volunteers are always needed on the Parade day.

October – Fundraiser

November – The Christian Women’s Job Corps Interns are honored guests.

December – Annual KCWC Christmas Party has become the “event” of the year. Taking the place of the December meeting, the KCWC Christmas Party is a time of fellowship and sharing the spirit of the season! The organization selects a community cause to assist during the Christmas Season.

January – “Women Helping Women” Scholarship applications distributed and accepted through April 30th.

February – Nominating Committee elected to begin planning for officer elections for year beginning May 1.

March – Nominating Committee Chair announces Slate of officers . Votes taken from the floor of the general meeting to accept slate of nominees. Board votes on KCWC annual awards at the Board of directors meeting. KCWC Anniversary Celebration.

April – Nominating Committee Chair announces Slate of officers . Nominations from the floor are made and votes are taken from the floor of the general meeting. The Christian Women’s Job Corps interns are honored at this General Meeting. Members sponsor the graduate’s lunches..

Current Special Projects

• Scholarships for Women/Awards

One of the highest priorities for the KCWC is the “Women Helping Women” scholarships awarded each year. Scholarships are awarded to women based on financial need. Some are single moms trying to complete their studies or women working full time and going to school at night. Additionally, each scholarship recipient has a sponsor member for her lunch.

The women helping women Scholarship committee reviews the applications of women trying to further their education and are in need of financial help through scholarships. Applications are accepted January – April and scholarships are awarded at the June general meeting.

• Beautification

Each month the Beautification Committee gives an award to individuals, businesses or organizations for their effort in beautifying our County. They search our community for improving and beautifying parks and boulevards, yards, historical buildings as well as volunteering in highway & river clean up projects and any environmental improvements.

• Tranquility Island Holiday Lighting

The “Forest of Trees” Holiday Lighting project was initiated by our beloved departed Charter Member Marj Nicholson, and is being developed and enhanced on the Tranquility Island in Louise Hays park on the Guadalupe River. Phase I was on display during 2000 holidays.

• Welcome and Ribbon Cuttings

The Welcome Committee is charged with a very important responsibility and each member is asked to help. Each month, representatives of the KCWC attend ribbon cutting ceremonies at new businesses. These are scheduled through the Kerrville Chamber of Commerce and the KCWC is among those attending. Each representative presents a rose and invites the owners to our General Meeting luncheon.

At each monthly KCWC meeting the list of ribbon cuttings and new businesses will be announced and each member will have the opportunity to volunteer to attend as a KCWC representative. You will be given a card with the information and a reminder of the procedures to follow so you will be comfortable in representing the KCWC. From time to time, a convention group visiting Kerrville may ask our organization to perform welcoming activities as they arrive or at a welcoming function. We ask as many of our members as can to attend in their red shirts to thank this group for choosing Kerrville.

• Speakers and Programs

The 1st Vice President is responsible for arranging our monthly programs. The program portion of our meeting is given 15-20 minutes to allow us to enjoy the speaker and time to conduct the business meeting. The topics can be on a variety of subjects related to women’s issues, health or of general issue and Community Programs.

Should you have an idea, desire to be included as a speaker or know of someone who would, please contact the 1st Vice President.

KCWC Annual Awards to our own members are important in order to recognize those members who have made outstanding contributions in a given year. These awards include the Community Achievement Award, 2nd Miler Award and the New Horizon Award and occasionally a president’s award.

• The Deli Program

Supporting the Christian Assistance Ministries (CAM) food bank at this time, KCWC members donate canned goods and cash at each monthly meeting. They also bring coupons each month. An extra door prize ticket is given for one’s donation to the “deli” program which was named in honor of or Dearly Departed Charter Member Delores Livingston.

• Door Prizes

Each month, members (either individually or through their business) may volunteer to bring door prizes to be awarded at the General Membership meetings.

If you would like to participate as a door prize contributor, please bring the item with your name or business name to the general meeting.

• New Members/Guests

As a new member, you are encouraged to share your excitement with friends or business acquaintances that you think might benefit from membership or have special talents to share with the KCWC. Guests of members are introduced by our Hostess Chair.

Please feel free to invite your new prospective member to a meeting, share the monthly newsletters or bring them with you to a KCWC event so they can see first-hand the value of the organization to our community.

We hope you’ll pass on the good news about KCWC!

• Multimedia

The KCWC publishes a monthly newsletter meant to keep members up-to-date on activities and promote good communication about the organization. While much of the newsletter is devoted to KCWC current events, we welcome members ideas and contributions and they will be included on a space-available basis.

Each month, the newsletter is distributed by e-mail, us post office mail and are available at the General Membership meeting. If you miss a meeting, please let the Newsletter chair know. Extras are at the membership welcome table at the front door. If you are a member whose schedule conflicts frequently with the meeting, you can read the Newsletter on this website or Facebook.

• Polos and Name Tags

KCWC polo shirts are available for purchase at the general meeting. Please see our membership chair and her committee at the table near the front door. Shirts are available for $25.00. You are requested to obtain a polo as soon as possible because members will wear these polos when we are working an event. Name tags are available for $10.00 and are worn when we are representing KCWC. Don’t forget the extra chance to win a prize at the monthly meeting if you wear your name tag!

• Volunteers To Go

KCWC members who enjoy helping as a volunteer ambassador with other members of the Good Will Committee provide the needed volunteer work force requested for special events in the local community as needed. Each KCWC volunteer wears our red polo when at the special events.