Women Helping Women Scholarships

The Women Helping Women Scholarship has been established to assist adult Kerr County women with a sincere need for financial assistance and for whom the opportunity for higher level education classes will lead toward economic independence.

Women will be chosen by the selection committee designated by the Kerr County Women’s Chamber, Inc. Specific information placed on this application will remain confidential with the selection committee. All information requested must be explained in detail and applicants must be willing to provide documentation, such as invoices, grades, or school attendance proof to the selection committee upon request.

Past recipients are eligible to reapply annually. Deadline for submission of application is April 20, 2021. Return this application to: Women Helping Women Scholarship Committee, Kerr County Women’s Chamber, Inc., P.O. Box 290621 Kerrville, TX 78029-0621 NOTE: Letters of recommendation and support may be attached to this application.

NOTE: FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE WILL BE FOR TUITION, FEES AND BOOKS ONLY; any funds not used for tuition, fees and books must BE RETURNED TO THE WOMEN’S CHAMBER. Funds will be paid directly to the institutions not be for reimbursement of pre-paid tuition or expenses.

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